NTK Plugin 2.5 released

Networking ToolKit (NTK) is a plugin that offers a rich tool set for network communication. Version 2.5 is a major update that adds support for 4D Server 64-bits on Windows, support for digital signatures and envelopes, enhanced support for JSON and some other refinements. The most important new features and changes are:

  • Added support for 4D Server 64-bit on Windows.
  • New commands for creating digital signatures: NTK Sign Blob, NTK Verify Blob.
  • New commands for creating digital envelopes: NTK Seal Blob and NTK Unseal Blob.
  • New JSON commands: JSON Is Valid Object, JSON Get Valid Objects, JSON Set 4D Array, JSON Get 4D Array, JSON Set Date, JSON Get Date.
  • New commands TCP Shutdown, NTK DateTime To GMT.
  • Updated libraries for improved Markdown and JSON support.
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.
  • Version 2.5 requires 4D v11, v12, v13 or higher. 4D 2004 and PowerPC based Macs are no longer supported.

Please refer to the section “Version history” in the documentation for a complete overview.

The update prices for owners of version 2.0 is 150 Euros per platform or 250 Euros for both platforms. Users who have purchased the plugin after 1 July 2012 are eligible for a free update.

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