Renewed webshop

We have renewed our webshop to a new standards-based platform. We now offer more payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfer and American Express.

Our old online webshop has served us well for 6 years, but it was really getting outdated. It was a custom made solution based on Adobe Flex. Several years ago that was topnotch, nowadays it is hopelessly outdated. It does not work on iPhone or iPad and requires a plugin to be installed. Secondly sometimes there were quirks when handling credit cards. Because of fraud prevention some credit card companies block any international transaction, assuming it could be fraudulent.

For these reasons we started working on a new webshop that would solve these problems and offer more payment methods. Besides that we also have some specific requirements like VAT exemption for customers within the European Union. Fortunately we found a platform that supports all these requirements and integrates well with our existing content management system.

Starting from today the new webshop is live and we hope it will serve our customers better.