NTK Plugin 4.0 released

NTK Plugin has been updated to version 4.0. This major update includes many new features.

  • Support for pre-emptive multi-threading.
  • New commands for reading and writing zip files.
  • New commands for working with One Time Passwords (OTP).
  • New commands for a MQTT client and server.
  • New commands for parsing URLs and parsing multi-part form data.
  • Improved commands for working with JSON Web Tokens (JWT). Support for JSON Web Keys (JWKS) has been added and extracting the key ID from a JWT.
  • New commands for encoding and decoding hex, base64, base32 and URL encoded values.- Various other minor features have been added.
  • Added support for notarisation on Mac.

Please refer to the section “Version history” of the documentation for a complete overview of the changes. Please note that 32-bit mode is no longer supported on Mac.

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