PostgreSQL Plugin 4.1 released

PostgreSQL Plugin has been updated to version 4.1. This version includes the following improvements:

  • Added support for Apple Silicon based Macs.
  • Updated PostgreSQL client libraries to version 14.1.
  • Added support for JSON fields to PgSQL Row To Object and PgSQL Rowset To Collection. These are now automatically transformed into objects or collections.
  • The plugin now also uses the new non-blocking API for establishing a connection. Al operations with PostgreSQL have become non-blocking. Because of this the asynchronous query option has been removed, since it has become obsolete. In case of problems, this behaviour can be disabled through the “non-blocking” option in PgSQL Connect.
  • Added per connection time-out setting. See the connection-timeout option in PgSQL Connect.
  • The implementation of the command PgSQL Get Open Connections has changed. It now returns a collection of objects with information about the active connections.
  • When a 4D process is ending, any connections belonging to that process are now automatically closed.
  • Enhanced support for options parameter in PgSQL Connect, so that all supported options in the connection string of PostgreSQL can be used.
  • Added support for gssencmode option. The plugin automatically sets this option to “disable” in order to prevent any further error messages.
  • Fixed a bug in PgSQL Send Copy Data.
  • Fixed memory leak when running a single SQL query that returns multiple results sets, and while not retrieving unused result sets.

For details see the section Version history of the documentation.

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