XL Plugin version 2.0 released

XL Plugin has been updated to version 2.0.6. This version includes many new features:

  • Added support for pre-emptive multi-threading.
  • Added support for Apple Silicon (M1) based Macs.
  • Added new commands xlSheetRangeToCollection and xlSheetCollectionToRange.
  • Added new commands xlBookGetSheetName, xlBookMoveSheet.
  • Added support for Excel templates, see xlBookGetTemplate, xlBookSetTemplate.
  • Added support for built-in Excel cell styles, see xlBookAddFormat.
  • Added new command xlBookGetVersion.
  • Added new command xlSheetSetRangeFormat for setting the format for a range of cells.
  • Added support for working with column width and row height in pixels, see xlSheetSetColumnWidth, xlSheetGetColumnWidth, xlSheetSetRowHeight and xlSheetGetRowHeight.
  • Added support for picture links, see xlBookAddPictureAsLink.
  • Added offset parameter to xlSheetGetPicture and xlSheetSetPicture.
  • Added support for data validation, see xlSheetAddDataValidation, xlSheetRemoveDataValidation and xlSheetAddIgnoredError.
  • Added xlSheetRemoveCellComment.
  • Added xlSheetIsDate to easily test if a cell contains a date value.
  • Added support for hyperlinks, see xlSheetHyperlinkCount, xlSheetGetHyperlink, xlSheetSetHyperlink and xlSheetRemoveHyperlink.
  • Added xlSheetSetAutoFitArea, xlSheetGetSplit, xlSheetSetTabColor.
  • Added support for auto filters, see xlSheetGetAutoFilter, xlSheetApplyAutoFilter, xlSheetRemoveAutoFilter, xlAutoFilterGetRange, xlAutoFilterSetRange, xlAutoFilterCountColumns, xlAutoFilterGetColumnByIndex, xlAutoFilterGetSortRange, xlAutoFilterGetSort, xlAutoFilterSetSort, xlAutoFilterAddSort, xlFilterColumnGetIndex, xlFilterColumnGetType, xlFilterColumnCount, xlFilterColumnGetFilter, xlFilterColumnAddFilter, xlFilterColumnGetTop10, xlFilterColumnSetTop10, xlFilterColumnGetCustomFilter, xlFilterColumnSetCustomFilter, xlFilterColumnClear.
  • Added new command xlSheetGetTables.

For details see the section Version history of the documentation.

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