Pluggers Software is about connecting technologies. It is specialized in creating world-class developer tools for the 4th Dimension programming language. It was founded by Rob Laveaux in 2002 to provide a more professional approach for supporting the products he created. Pluggers Software is located in The Hague, the political centre of Holland.

Rob Laveaux has been a professional 4D developer since 1996 and has experience in a wide variety of projects ranging from ERP systems to nuclear medicine. He is the author of many plugins for 4D, of which NTK Plugin, DynaPDF Plugin, XL Plugin, MyConnect Plugin, PostgreSQL Plugin and Canvas Plugin are the best known.

Pluggers Software is a specialist in 4D, iOS/Swift, C++, Xojo, PHP and JavaScript development. If you’re in need for a 4D, C++, iOS/Swift or Xojo specialist or have the need for a custom written plugin, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pluggers Software operates worldwide and has over 800 customers spread over more than 40 different countries.

Our office is located at the Oostmadeweg 60 in The Hague, close to the Madestein park and Kijkduin beach area.

About Me

I’ve started programming more than 30 years ago on “ancient” DOS PCs with programming languages such as dBase and Clipper. After finishing my education I started working as a system administrator for a school. During this time I got involved with the Macintosh operating system and got very enthusiastic about its graphical user interface. This was a long time before Windows became a success.

While working for this school I created several solutions using Omnis, FileMaker Pro and HyperCard. I also started a study on software engineering and learned programming languages such as Pascal and C. After working for 5 years at this school, I wanted to choose a different profession and focus myself on software development only.

I moved to another part of Holland and accepted a position as a software engineer at a well respected 4D company. During the 6,5 years that I’ve worked for this company, I learned to take a much more creative approach to software development. I’ve worked on several different projects ranging from financial, logistics, project management, manufacturing and medical solutions.

After 6,5 years, the thrill was gone and I was looking for a new challenge. I started working for a company which is owned by one of my best friends. The work was mostly targeted to building web-applications, using 4D or PHP as the programming language.

But the Pluggers Software business continued to grow. Since early 2005, I became fully self employed. Running Pluggers Software is now my main activity. Besides delivering commercial products, I’m also available as a 4D, Xojo, PHP, JavaScript, iOS/Swift and C++ consultant. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re in need for a specialist.

– Rob Laveaux