PostgreSQL Plugin 4.1 released

PostgreSQL Plugin has been updated to version 4.1. This version includes the following improvements:

  • Added support for Apple Silicon based Macs.
  • Updated PostgreSQL client libraries to version 14.1.
  • Added support for JSON fields to PgSQL Row To Object and PgSQL Rowset To Collection. These are now automatically transformed into objects or collections.
  • The plugin now also uses the new non-blocking API for establishing a connection. Al operations with PostgreSQL have become non-blocking. Because of this the asynchronous query option has been removed, since it has become obsolete. In case of problems, this behaviour can be disabled through the “non-blocking” option in PgSQL Connect.
  • Added per connection time-out setting. See the connection-timeout option in PgSQL Connect.
  • The implementation of the command PgSQL Get Open Connections has changed. It now returns a collection of objects with information about the active connections.
  • When a 4D process is ending, any connections belonging to that process are now automatically closed.
  • Enhanced support for options parameter in PgSQL Connect, so that all supported options in the connection string of PostgreSQL can be used.
  • Added support for gssencmode option. The plugin automatically sets this option to “disable” in order to prevent any further error messages.
  • Fixed a bug in PgSQL Send Copy Data.
  • Fixed memory leak when running a single SQL query that returns multiple results sets, and while not retrieving unused result sets.

For details see the section Version history of the documentation.

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PostgreSQL Plugin 4.0 released

PostgreSQL Plugin has been updated to version 4.0. This major update includes many new features.

  • New commands PgSQL Row To Object and PgSQL RowSet To Collection.
  • Support for pre-emptive multi-threading.
  • Major internal refactoring because of reorganisation of common code libraries.
  • Data types are now cached upon opening a connection for better performance.
  • Increased performance for running queries using non-blocking sockets.
  • Updated PostgreSQL client libraries.
  • Support for code signing and notarisation on Mac.

Please refer to the section “Version history” of the documentation for a complete overview of the changes. Please note that 32-bit mode is no longer supported on Mac and Windows.

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PostgreSQL Plugin 3.0 released

PostgreSQL Plugin has been updated to version 3.0. This version adds full support for 4D V15 and support for 64-bit mode on Mac & Windows. Support has been added for PostgreSQL’s COPY protocol, for fast importing and exporting of data. A second mode has been added for asynchronous mode using non-blocking sockets. Support for blob and time arrays has been added. Improvements for PgSQL Set Notify Handler allowing faster processing of notifications and PgSQL Get Last Notice.

Please refer to the section “Version history” in the documentation for details.

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PostgreSQL Plugin 2.0 released

PostgreSQL Plugin has been updated to fully support the new features of 4D v11. The new versions now support Unicode, native image formats, text parameters longer than 32000 characters and callback methods that are part of a component.

Please refer to the section “Version history” in the documentation for a complete overview.

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