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QPDF Plugin is a plugin for the 4th Dimension programming language (4D) that that can create and manipulate PDF documents. It doesn’t require external software, is easy to use and offers powerful features.

QPDF Plugin can be used to:

  • Programmatically create PDF documents from scratch
  • Manipulate existing PDF documents
  • Merge, split or delete pages from PDF documents
  • Fill-in form fields and flattening PDF forms
  • Render a PDF page to an image
  • Convert documents to be PDF/A conformant

Licensing & Pricing

QPDF Plugin has a very simple licensing scheme:

  • Pro version: € 1.000 (Mac and Windows)

All licenses allow unlimited deployment.


Version 1.2.1 is now available!
Click on the following links to download a demo version of QPDF Plugin.
QPDF Plugin for Mac & Windows

Additional information


QPDF Plugin Lite 1.0 for Mac & Windows, QPDF Plugin Pro 1.0 for Mac & Windows, Annual Maintenance QPDF Plugin Lite, Annual Maintenance QPDF Plugin Pro